27 May 2008

Blogs, blogs, blogs

Everybody seems to have a blog these days. There are thousands of them and they cover every single subject, hobby or pursuit. At the beginning I thought a blog was simply a place where a given individual could relieve their sorrows by telling them to an anonymous listener, like some kind of therapy without a therapist. You can imagine: I thought they were all quite boring and uninteresting. In the last few weeks, however, I’ve started to appreciate the possible value of blogs. The problem is that there are so many that you can easily get lost. Let’s take linguistics for example. It looks like you should have nine lives to be able to read all the (sometimes quite interesting) stuff that’s written in them. I was initially little inclined to the idea of having my own blog, but one day, that is yesterday, I suddenly realized it could be interesting. I found the inspiration by reading this blog: Probable Languages, created by Concha Campos. A good place for linguistic discussion. I found it useful and I thought, why not start one of my own?

And there we are.

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