27 May 2008

Xaverio Ballester

Xaverio Ballester is one of the members of the Continuity Theory workgroup, or Continuity Paradigm as he prefers to call it. An expert in classical studies (he’s a professor of Latin at Valencia University), his research interests go far beyond the limits of Latin and Greek. He has written about Indo-European linguistics, about pre-Roman languages in Iberia, about the origin of language, and many more topics. His writings are full of innovative, original ideas. On the other hand, Xaverio Ballester can be seen as someone who is constantly fighting against the linguistics establishment. Apart from the great erudition and seriousness of his work, there’s an aspect of this author which makes him particularly interesting: his sense of humour. Xaverio is simply different, reading him is an advisable and enriching experience, listening to him in person even more. If you think that a Latin professor is someone whose writings are boring, take a look at Ballester’s writings and you’ll see the difference.

Links about Xaverio BALLESTER:

- There's an interview, published in Saguntina (nº 4, April 2008), a classical studies journal written in Spanish, where you can discover some of Ballester’s ideas about language and other things. This is the link.

- Here you can take a look at his CV and list of publications.

- Some of Ballester’s articles are published online. Here.

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Anonymous said...

Xaverio Ballester is one of the most brilliant scholars I can think of.
I strongly recommend his own books on the origins of Language in Spanish - Xaverio Ballester is an amazing writer.

He also is an experienced translator; I especially enjoy poems by the great Polish author Z. HERBERT translated into Spanish by Ballester (HIPERION Editions, Madrid), as well as poems by the great Russian poet Osip Mandelstam published in Spanish in the DEBATS Magazine, Valencia. These Ballester's translations are the finest example of the best kind of poetic interpretation: the one made by another poet.