1 March 2010

My PhD studies

Now it's official: I am a PhD student at the University of Valencia (Doctorate Programme: Llengües i Literatures, Facultat de Filologia), with a research project in the field of historical linguistics. One of the good things about being (again) a member of the university community is that now I have full access to a wide range of bibliographic sources, including online journals and other reference material. And I also have a new email address, provided by the university: jesanca@alumni.uv.es

The real problem about carrying out this research is time. I'm not a full-time student, and I have to combine investigation with other activities, for example work as a teacher. This will probably have a negative effect on the blog, as I won't have much time left for it, but I don't want it to disappear. Maybe it could be a good idea to keep the PhD and the blog as two separate things. In my PhD I'll focus on a very specific topic: the languages of the British Isles and their origins, whereas in the blog I can write about more general topics in the field of linguistics, as I have done so far: Indo-European, origins of human language, general linguistics, population genetics, etc. Recently, for example, I've been reading some interesting texts about the Afro-asiatic group of languages, and also about the origins of agriculture, and I'm already preparing a series of posts about these topics. Now, the question is: Will I be able to cope with everything? I'm not sure, but I'll try.


D. Sky Onosson said...

Best of luck to you! I'm currently doing my Master's in Linguistics as a part-time student, and have been thinking that I wouldn't want to do a Ph. D. part-time if I can avoid it - so I'm really curious to hear how it works out for you.

Jesús Sanchis said...

Yes, it's going to be quite hard. In Spain it is very difficult to get some kind of funding for a PhD in the human sciences, so I'll have to work and research at the same time. There's no other possibility for the moment.

I did my doctorate studies, including an MA in England, some years ago, and I actually started my PhD project at the University of Valencia, but I didn't finish it. I got a job in Barcelona and I took some years outside the university world, which is not a bad idea after all. What will happen this time? We'll see. In any case, I won't talk about my PhD in the blog. As I said, I think it's better if I keep these things apart. They are different stories.

D. Sky Onosson said...

I left academia after my B.A. for about 8 years before returning for this degree... after starting a family, too. I envy those who are able to devote themselves entirely to their studies!

I'll continue to keep my eye on your blog, as I enjoy your viewpoint and share some of your interests in linguistics.

Jesús Sanchis said...

I do other things apart from linguistics!

I started this blog because I felt I needed some kind of medium to express my thoughts about linguistics, and all this time it has been a really rewarding experience, and something that I could combine perfectly well with other aspects of my life. If you take a look at the page header of the blog you will see a landscape of sea and mountains. This place is actually a few kilometres from the place where I live, on the Mediterranean coast. I took the picture in one of my walks in the mountain. That is my real hobby: walking or cycling in nature.

Anything I do, a blog, a PhD or whatever, must be in balance. Otherwise, I wouldn't do it.

D. Sky Onosson said...

Yes, that's a good perspective to have - one I need to keep in mind for myself more often! ;)

It's sometimes too easy to get caught up in the competitiveness of trying to succeed in school (even if you're only competing against yourself), when in fact there are so many other worthwhile things to take part in, too.

Joan-Carles Martí i Casanova said...

Good luck mate! It certainly would be a great pity not to be able to read you now and again. I'm sure you'll manage.

Espere que no et facen patir massa a la facultat de filologia!

Bayndor said...

I know what hardships you are facing. I dared not even think about doing PhD in part time (at least in molecular biology, it would have been impossible). I wish all good luck to you ! Bona sort!

Jesús Sanchis said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I really need some encouragement!