27 January 2013

Going to places

Well yes, Language Continuity is still alive but not as it used to be, when I posted regularly about comparative philology, Iberian studies or the origins of language. My life is a bit different now, and I don't have so much time to keep updated on those topics. A turning point was when I decided not to continue with my PhD dissertation: somehow, I was opting for a different way of doing things, and indeed that's what's happened. And I'm happy about the changes. I'll probably go on with the blog, but it certainly won't be like in the old days.

One of the main changes is that now I travel more. Definitely, I needed a lot of travelling. And the funny thing is that, in some cases, my trips are a little bit Language-Continuity-oriented. Many of my posts had left me with a feeling of "I want to go there one day", and that's actually what I'm doing now.

A few weeks I went to Monteagudo, a town near Murcia, in the southeast of Spain. We visited the impressive castle of Ibn Mardanis, the Wolf King (see picture on the right). Ibn Mardanis was a powerful ruler of the taifa kingdom of Murcia, and also an interesting historical figure, as I explained some years ago in this post. The other day I finally had the chance to visit the place where his palace and fortress once stood.

Caves with prehistoric paintings are also in my travelling agenda. During the Christmas holidays I visited the beautifuil town of Albarracín and its sorrounding area, where I had the chance of enjoying some fine prehistoric art. As an example, this little white fox painted on a wall at the Abrigo de las Tajadas, near Bezas (Teruel). The photo can also be seen in my Flickr page, here.

So yes, time for travelling and also for other things. Las summer, for example, I made a film-directing course in Valencia and I actually had the chance of shooting my first short film, which I signed with my pen-name, Tadeus Calinca. When I wrote the script I was not thinking of linguistics or human language or communication, usual themes in my blog. However, somehow the film is about language, or rather about communication, or lack of it. Anyway, here's the link so you can judge for themselves. I hope you like it!


José Angel García Landa said...

Silence is indeed an important element in communication, the unmarked element in the system... although it can become quite marked when placed in the right place... "la elocuencia de un silencio" as in that old song by Braulio I think it was. "Si ves que no me gusta conversar / Aprende a interpretar mi ausencia" - not that difficult! Glad about your decision to go on with the blog, even if it's not every week.

Jesús Sanchis said...

Thank you for your comments, José Ángel. It's great to have readers like you. I'm thinking about some new posts at the moment, I just need some free time to write them.