16 May 2013

Two new languages in Aragón

Lapao and Lapapyp are not exactly new languages. The regional authorities of Aragón (Spain) have decided to use these odd names to refer to the minority languages spoken in that region (you can read about it here). They are actually acronyms: LAPAO stands for Lengua Aragonesa Propia del Área Occidental, and LAPAPYP is Lengua Aragonesa Propia de las Áreas Pirenaica y Prepirenaica.

What is this all about? Well, yes, you guessed right, it's all about politics. The languages concerned here are Catalan and Aragonese, but it seems there are people in Aragón who are not happy with these names. For the Aragón nationalist parties, it is inconvenient to admit that Catalan (the language of their powerful eastern neighbours) is spoken in their territory. The other party involved, the conservative PP, does not seem to be in favour of promoting regional languages, especially if they're on the verge of extinction, like Aragonese itself. What about the other parties? They have obviously criticised the new terminology as absurd and ridiculous. Let's admit it: these names have some kind of Polinesian flavour that does not quit fit in this northeastern region of Spain, especially if we bear in mind that "Lapao", as it will be officially known from now, is spoken in the north of the region, i.e. in the areas bordering the Pyrenees.

Source of the image: Wikipedia.


Joan-Carles Martí i Casanova said...

Lapao is already an Asian language spoken by 300,000 people... http://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapao

Vernon said...

This is cool!